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We Are Taxpayer Advocates

Sooner or later a taxpayer, regardless of whether a business, individual or estate, will likely face civil tax controversy with the Internal Revenue Service or a state Department of Revenue. These potential controversies may include: income, estate employment or sales tax audits, administrative appeals, penalty determinations, lien filings, property seizures, and compliance problems such as failure to file returns, failure to pay taxes or failure to comply with reporting requirements. If the controversy is not resolved administratively, it will end up in court, or worse, referred for criminal investigation. You need an experienced, knowledgeable and proven lawyer to represent you.

We are taxpayer advocates. Our goal is to help guide taxpayers, and often their advisors, through the administrative process when a controversy arises, and if necessary, successfully defend them in court. Usually much is at stake and the stress on a client can be overwhelming.

We Are Not Just Tax Specialists, But Seasoned Litigators

Success at what we do requires knowledge of IRS procedures, the workings of state taxing authorities, the nuances of possibly dealing with the U.S. Department of Justice and how each agency relates to the other. It requires not only an understanding of substantive tax law codified in the Internal Revenue Code, promulgated by Treasury Regulations, or interpreted in agency rulings; but a mastery of courtroom techniques and advocacy. A successful outcome necessitates good judgment, negotiation skills, and the ability to predict the likely outcome of a tax dispute in a court of law. We are not just tax specialists, but seasoned litigators. Most tax advisors aren’t trained to be both. That is why Robert Chicoine Law is unique. Skill matters.

Over a combined 50 years of experience we have developed the requisite skills by both working for taxing authorities and litigating against them. We have represented clients from all walks of life, in almost every conceivable type of business, and we have dealt with a full spectrum of tax issues that arise in civil tax controversies. For example, Mr. Chicoine has represented clients involved in various abusive tax shelters investments, has avoided potential client criminal prosecutions through negotiated voluntary disclosures, has protected businesses and estates in valuation disputes, has represented clients whose records are sought in connection with the audits or investigations of other taxpayers, and has been hired to represented accountants and attorneys who have come under scrutiny by the IRS. He has negotiated through each step of a tax controversy and his experience includes all phases of tax litigation.

Whether negotiating a resolution or litigating in a court of law, we understand the pressures our clients’ face when threatened by the federal or state government. We appreciate the confidence our past clients and peers have shown in our integrity and abilities by choosing Robert Chicoine Law as one of the Northwest’s Best Law Firms and Robert Chicoine as one of the top taxation and tax controversy lawyers in the country.

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